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Cooking classes are designed around you, what you want to cook, whether you want to cook from scratch or have a demo or a mixture of both.  I teach groups of a minimum of 4 people, up to 8 depending on the style of the class.

We cook in my kitchen on Beulah Rd, Walthamstow Village.  Alternatively, I can come to your house and cook there for example, as part of an event or just to facilitate an afternoon’s cooking with a group of friends.

During the class, you will learn the simple process of making delicious curry.  It’s not complicated,  its all about timing and that all important first-stage of making a curry – frying the onions…. You will also learn to make starters and snack, as well as chutneys and have a go at making fresh chapattis.

Lessons usually last between 3-4 hours, depending on the format.  We taste the food as we go along and then sit down at eat at the end.  Always bring some Tupperware with you so can divide what’s left to take home for your loved ones.

You will be given recipe cards on the day and I email them to you after.  

The important thing is that you don’t need to have any cooking skills or previous experience, the classes are relaxed, informal and fun. 

You can buy gift vouchers for cooking classes too. 

Prices range from £40 – 60 per person depending on the format of the class.

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